Are you worried about court costs in your court case?

The Judge is responsible for dealing with the court costs, and the allocation of fees between parties.

Ordinarily it will be the un-successful party who incurs the costs of the trail, however this is not automatically the case in court, the Judge is required to confirm ensuring that any exceptional circumstances have been considered when reveiwing court costs and fees.

Court fees can be any of the following costs detailed below:

  • lawyers fees
  • court fees
  • expert witnesses fees
  • litigants allowances
  • loss of earnings
  • travelling expenses
  • other expenses from the parties and their witnesses

Judges have been known on occasion to decide, that the unsuccessful party may only be liable to pay a proportion of the successful party’s court costs incurred in a court case, or in some instances that each party should cover their own court costs. The judge can hear representations regarding this at the end of the court case.